Investment Overview

Managed for after-tax total return
Customizable Investment Solutions — Credit and Duration
Smart Beta + Active Management
Core Municipal Market Exposure
Alpha Added from TABS Security Selection
TABS Crossover Trade
Portfolios structured to seek high risk-adjusted income

Portfolio Construction

Quantitative approach to structuring portfolios across the yield curve
Portfolio optimized for after-tax total return or risk-adjusted income
Credit quality customizable within the investment grade spectrum (ex. AA and higher; A and higher; BBB and higher)
Customizable duration targets
Issuer concentration typically limited to 5% of assets

Investment Team

Jim Evans, CFA
Director of Tax-Advantaged Bond Strategies (TABS)
35 years of industry experience
28 years at Eaton Vance
BS, Cornell University
Brian Barney, CFA
Director of Institutional Portfolio Strategies
17 years of industry experience
17 years with Eaton Vance
BS, University of Virginia
Christopher Harshman, CFA
Vice President and Portfolio Manager
15 years of industry experience
9 years with Eaton Vance
BS, University of Florida
MBA, University of Rochester
Devin Cooch, CFA
Vice President and Portfolio Manager
10 years of industry experience
10 years with Eaton Vance
BA, Bucknell University


Customizable benchmarks
Current mandates include Bloomberg Barclays Managed Money Municipal Bond Index: Customized Short (1-7 Years), Short/Intermediate (1-10 Years), Intermediate (1-17 Years), Customized Long Broad (7-20 Years), Long (10+ Years)