Investment Overview

This strategy buys growth across market sectors, combining the fundamental alpha generation with disciplined risk management.
Our blend of proprietary bottom-up fundamental research, proprietary risk modeling and active risk management has helped deliver strong risk-adjusted returns over the long term.
We look for companies with strong business franchises, above-average EPS growth potential and reasonable valuations.
The portfolio management team has worked together for 15 years.
Target excess return: 2% to 2.5%
Target tracking error range: 3% to 5%
Typical average annual turnover range: 50% to 150%.

Portfolio Construction

Typically hold 60-80 positions
Sector weights +/- 500 basis points vs. the Russell 1000® Growth Index
Maximum position size equal to greater of 5% or plus 2% above the largest benchmark weight
Cash is typically held to less than 5% of the portfolio

Investment Team

Lewis R. Piantedosi
Vice president, portfolio manager
26 years of industry experience
23 years at Eaton Vance
BA, Framingham State College
MBA, Bentley College
Yana S. Barton, CFA
Vice president, portfolio manager
22 years of industry experience
22 years at Eaton Vance
BS, University of Florida


Benchmark: Russell 1000® Growth Index